6 feet Apart

6 feet Apart

Josh and I spent this morning at the local Farmer's Market purchasing some amazing goodies from local farmers and artisans. It was busy and although it was held outside everyone was properly maintaining social distancing guidelines and wearing masks. I love the Farmer's Market and highly recommend you find one in your area if you are able. They always have the best supply of fruits, veggies, flowers etc and I always find the most unique crafts by local artists.

I was in awe that even amidst the hardships we are going through that people are still supporting small local businesses. I realized that while being self employed can definitely be challenging it can also be an amazing blessing. I get the opportunity few people get. Every day I avoid the commute of Portland traffic that I used to dread and I walk the short distance from our room to the shop. I am something of a night owl and much prefer to work late into the night and sleep in snuggled up with husband and dogs.

Being a business owner is not for the faint of heart though. There are months where I worry if there is enough money coming in to pay all of the bills and still support my family. I am so lucky to have such amazing clients that see the value in the products we offer.

I can't say that this pandemic has been easy but I will say that it has taught me a few things. I miss people! We are fortunate to be able to run our company online and did not have to shut our doors but Y'all I miss talking to people. I miss the conversations and cups of tea with good friends. I miss random conversations with people I met while standing in the checkout line. (I am totally that person that will strike up a conversation with you over pretty much anything.) I am not a hugger by nature but I even miss hugs. There is a companionship that is missing for me since this pandemic hit. I am a big country music fan (Hey, don't judge) There is a song by Luke Combs called 6 ft apart. If you haven't heard it, it is worth a listen. Anyway, he talks about how there will be light after dark when we aren't 6 ft apart and I guess that is what I'm waiting for. In the meantime we will be here, working in the shop and bringing a little magic into your life whenever we can.


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