Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays

The holidays are fast approaching. Here in the suburbs of Portland, Oregon it is cold and rainy. We are preparing for our holiday to look and feel a bit different this year. There will be no huge family gatherings or massive holiday parties to attend. The kids have been at home for distance learning and although they will be on break there isn't quite the same excitement for the winter vacation as they have had in years past.

I have been feeling somewhat saddened by the lack of togetherness that we normally experience during this time. I am reminded that although we are not together there is still magic to be had in the holiday season. Josh and the kids have made an extra effort to make the house especially beautiful for me.

Here in the shop we have been working like crazy to get orders out in time for the holidays. With shipping delays across the country we are doing our best to make sure that we get everything out as expediently as possible. It is important to us that your holiday be as special as we can make it. We are so pleased that you have chosen to be part of our extended family, because that is how we see you. We are all on this journey together and we hope that you will continue to allow us to serve you in the coming years ahead.

From our family to your we wish you the very happiest of holidays!

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