Finding Joy

Finding Joy

What brings you joy? Is it the laughter of your children or spending time with loved ones? Or, is it something else? Perhaps it's a place that brings back happy memories or the smell of baking bread. By the way that is one of my favorite smells ever!

In the chaos that is life I think joy often gets lost in the mundane. But I'll tell you friend it's the mundane aspects of life that need joy the most. It's finding something to smile about while waiting in the drive thru for your morning coffee. It's enjoying watching the sunset (because you know I am a night owl and am rarely up to see the sun actually rise.)

I spend a ton of time in my shop and this week it has been undergoing a major overhaul. Josh pointed out that my desk was facing away from the window and he knows how much I need to see outside even if it's just through a pane of glass. I wasn't sure about the move because I was worried about getting distracted but let me tell you I have gotten more done since we moved my space around and I can take a minute every now and again to just look outside and enjoy a little nature.

It is my sincere hope that wherever you are in life and whatever struggles you are going through right now, that you take a moment every day to find your happiness. We create our own happiness in this life and it is so important that we share that happiness with the world. Now more than ever the world needs your light. So shine bright! Share your spark with the world.

Love and Light,


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