When life makes you pivot whether you want to or not

When life makes you pivot whether you want to or not

Life, amiright? Just when you think you've got it all mapped out with a fancy planner (digital these days, gotta be eco-friendly!), the universe throws a giant wrench into your perfectly crafted schedule. This month was supposed to be epic - content creation extravaganza, shop organization blow-out, new product launch party... the whole shebang!  And I was planning to do all of this while making new products and prepping for the summer. Did I mention I also have a daughter graduating from college and my granddaughter just turned one?

Then bam! Reality check. Family emergency kind of threw those plans out the window faster than you can say "pivot" (ugh, hate that word). It always reminds me of that couch scene in Friends where Ross just keeps yelling at them to PIVOT and no matter how hard they try they just can't make it work and then they end up stuck in the stairs. Here's the thing: sometimes you gotta ditch the plan and embrace the chaos. Especially when that chaos involves family.

So here I am, almost June, with most of my to-do list staring back at me like a judgey cat. Did I post all the content? Nope. Did I clean and organize the shop? Not exactly, I'll actually show ya'll some pictures or maybe I'll post a video of the chaos, who knows. But hey, guess what? I did some things too! Took some awesome classes, launched a few new witchy goodies in the shop (because, magic!), and even said "no" a bunch (holy moly, that was liberating!). Oh, and there was also a lot of sleeping, crying (ugly tears, people!), quality time with the fam, and enough snuggles with my dog to make him sprout extra fur. I read several books. Not just one's to scale my business or help me though tragedy, blah blah blah. I read books I wanted to read from my TBR that is a mile long. And guess what else? Crafting for fun? Totally came back in a big way this month. Made cards, scrapbooked, did whatever sparked joy - and you know what? I didn't feel guilty! I still don't.

So often when our hobbies become a business we are so focused on making money that the things that used to bring us joy now seem like more of a chore. I wanted to get back to crafting being fun. This whole business thing can make you forget why you started in the first place. So I'm taking a step back, focusing on what matters most, and reminding everyone (including myself) that it's okay to say "no" and live a little. Because seriously, who needs haters judging your messy shop or your not-so-perfect biz plan? Those people can take a hike. The real ones will be here for the ride, messy buns and all. Pro tip: if it quits being fun it's time to rethink it.

Anyway, this wasn't exactly the post I envisioned, but hey, that's life! So here's a peek behind the curtain of this witchy entrepreneur. Thanks for sticking with me on this crazy journey. Let me know what crafty things you're into - maybe we can cook up something fun together next month!

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