Cauldron Bubbles and Exciting News

Cauldron Bubbles and Exciting News

Hey there, my mystical muses and marvelous mortals! Buckle up your broomsticks and tighten your triquetras, because we've got some enchanting changes brewing in our coven!

First things first, a HUGE cauldron full of thanks for being on this magical journey with us. We wouldn't be stirring up potions of positivity without your incredible support!

Now, onto the good stuff! We're undergoing a bit of a mystical metamorphosis, shifting our focus to events that truly resonate with the heart and soul of our future. Think enchanting evenings filled with all things witchy, celtic, and norse! Don't worry, we'll still be hosting fabulous events, but they'll be more closely aligned with the exciting, mystical path we're on.

Speaking of exciting paths, our summer event calendar is practically bursting with magical happenings! Keep your eyes peeled on this blog post and our newsletter for the full reveal. Let's just say, get ready for some spellbinding soirees and enchanting gatherings that'll have you feeling like the ultimate sorceress (or sorcerer, we're equal opportunity enchanters here!).

But wait, there's more! While we whip up these bewitching events, we're also conjuring up a cauldron full of new, witchy, celtic, and norse products that'll make your familiar feline faint with excitement. We can't wait to share these magical creations with you soon! And speaking of magical, let's get into the nitty-gritty:

  • Tarotlicious Treats: We've brewed up a bewitching selection of tarot spread boards! Imagine casting your cards upon stunning wooden surfaces adorned with the classic Celtic Cross or Relationship spreads – or even a whimsical octopus design, perfect for those who love a touch of the unusual! These beauties are crafted from quality materials and are guaranteed to add a touch of enchantment to your readings. Currently, we have 3-card and single-card spread boards available, but stay tuned for more designs to join the coven in the future!

  • Deck Boxes to Die For: Tired of your tarot deck wandering the mundane world unprotected? We've got you covered! Our new line of tarot deck boxes are not only sturdy and practical, but they come in a variety of spellbinding designs to keep your cards safe and stylish. From classic imagery to whimsical creatures, there's a box to perfectly match your mystical personality.

  • Spirit Board Soiree: Channel your inner séance leader with our brand new spirit boards! Crafted with beautiful engravings and planchette included, these divination tools are perfect for connecting with the other side (with a healthy dose of spooky fun, of course!).

Don't Forget the Crafting Fun!

We know some of you wonderful witches and warlocks love to get crafty, and fear not! We aren't abandoning our roots entirely. We'll still be brewing up educational content, DIY projects, and all sorts of crafting fun – just with a bit more witchy flair! Think enchanting spell jars, mystical mobiles, and potion-themed decorations. We can't wait to unleash your inner magical maker!

So, dear coven members, stay tuned for the summer event calendar and prepare to be dazzled by our mystical new products. We're bubbling over with excitement and can't wait to share this next chapter with you! (P.S. Want to stay in the supernatural loop? Follow us on social media for all the latest updates!)

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